Top Features

We’ve been in the business of processing credit card transactions from some of the world’s most successful online marketers. We’ve pioneered many of the concepts and features that our competitors are still trying to emulate. Giving you more control, more conversions, more stats than any other platform out there.

Direct relationship with
the merchants you promote

Unlike most affiliate platforms, CashEngines stands out of the way between you and the merchant. This means you can collaborate freely with the site owners, exchange ideas, get custom landing pages and much more.

Industry leading payouts

MarketEngines offers merchants an incredible platform that really drives their conversions way up PLUS focuses on maximizing revenues per order. Why should you care? Because that all translates into much higher revenues per click for your valuable traffic!

Powerful Tracking Tools

Get built-in Google Conversion Tracking (as well as for Yahoo Search, MSN, Miva and pixel tracking) so that you can monitor your ROI at the campaign and ad level. No more wasted budgets, no more guess work! You get detailed performance reports straight from the search engines console.

Detailed – Real-Time Stats

With CashEngines – you know everything that is happening with your online business. You get detailed reporting on all available metrics so you can make the right decisions that drive up your conversions – in real time!

Customized Checkout Processes

Sites powered by CashEngines offer customized checkouts which mean less disconnect between the site and the checkout process driving higher conversions for surfers – translating into more earnings per click for our affiliates.

The Highest Credit Card Approval Rates

We have relationships with 5 banks worldwide, routing the transactions to the banks with the highest success rate for each region and bank type and only perform AVS verification in the US – which means you get more conversions. Period.

We fight for your business – lower refunds

We take the time to fight for every refund request that comes in and, when permitted by you, we negotiate with the customers to ensure both you and the customer are happy. Lower refunds translate into higher profits!

Powerful Geo-Targeting

We not only offer customized checkouts for international surfers to increase their conversions – we also automatically route their transaction details to the bank that is most likely to authorize it – translating into even better earnings per click for your international traffic!

Maniacal focus on conversions

There isn’t one aspect of our business (transaction handling, pricing, geo-targeting, exception handling) that isn’t constantly challenged, tested and optimized. Don’t take our word for it – send a little traffic our way and see the difference for yourself.

Highly available Networks

Denial of service attacks, hacker intrusions, hardware and software failure are a reality we deal with on a daily basis. To ensure that every hour of every day of your traffic pays - we've built redundant server farms utilizing the latest hardware (Dell Poweredge Servers, vmWare virtualizers and Control Centers, Fiber Channel Storage and redundant DNS servers with datacenter change capabilities)... ensuring that your traffic keeps on making money for you.

Protection against DDoS Attacks

Our servers are behind the world’s leader in DDoS mitigation services (Prolexic). They protect some of the world’s largest gaming sites and affiliate programs – ensuring that we’re never down in case of an attack.

Quick Facts

  • Get paid twice per month (payout calendar)
  • Get up to 85% payouts on your sales
  • We track sales across all sites
  • Optimized cookie/session tracking (less lost sales)
  • Stats / ROI tools by campaign
  • Integrated Search Engine tracking
  • Multiple designs / multiple pricing options

Payout Schedule

Our Affiliates get paid twice per month (minimum payout is $100).  Verify when your next payment will be made (see calendar below). Cash Engines gives you the opportunity to get paid by Checks, Paypal (after a few weeks of history), or Wire Transfer.
All affiliates get access to their own personalized account information for sales tracking purposes at any time. All sales tracked and all payments are managed within our centralized system.